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one day in february i decided to go look, on a whim, at some houses in monroe...

i fell in love with the models they had on display there.

so i hit the web to learn more about these homes.

i am now in the process of buying and building a new home with hope of completion sometime in early july

the builder is quadrant homes

you as the buyer get to pick the floor plan and then visit their new home showroom and personalize your house to your heart's desire.


latest progress

 picked a lot in the renton neighborhood -liberty ridge

building permit received on  march 27th

we now have a foundation

we now have an official start date -1247(april 18th)- with home delivery in 54 working days

meeting with the site supervisor is scheduled for april 18th

we now have walls- it beginning to look like a house

the roof is on

we had our framewalk on the 15th of may

the siding is up and the shingles are on

the house is looking great - the inside work is coming to completion

the lighting, cabinets, carpet, flooring, appliances, and trim work are all in. 

keys should be ours on july 9th!!!


floor plan 

we are going with the 3bedroom/loft option

to view floor plan you will need adobe acrobat reader

get acrobat reader


virtual tour

see a virtual tour of the home model we are building






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